Retirement Transition

happy senior couple elderly people together outdoorThe retirement transition is a unique time in your life. It is marked by letting go of full-time work and deciding how to live the remainder of your life. Typically when we prepare for retirement, we look at our financial state of affairs.

Preparing for other aspects of your life in retirement can provide another kind of freedom. Health care costs is the biggest expenditure as you age. Why not have a strategy to obtain optimal mental and physical health?

As we age we need to re-evaluate how to have strong connections with friends and family, and one’s academic and personal pursuits.

Alix can help you to do that through phone consultations and online webinars. She educates individuals who are within ten years of retirement on how best to approach this life transition. Some topics covered include:

  • Exercise Strategies for Optimal Health
  • Creating Happiness through Structure
  • Avoiding Illness
  • Cultivating Positive Social and Familial Relationships
  • Logistics of your Living Situation
  • Discussing Loss

The retirement transition is often preceded by illness, injury, and loss. Although these issues are difficult, they often provide an opportunity to focus on who and what carries meaning in our lives.

Alix can help you develop effective emotional and practical strategies for dealing with a chronic health condition or a newly identified health concern. She can also assist in synthesizing information you received from medical professionals. It can be beneficial to talk through your fears, confusion or anxiety about your health. By doing, so you can create a better strategy to navigate the health care system.

Proactively planning your retirement transition helps you to commit to greater health and thereby, greater freedom as you age.  Alix is excited to work with you to prepare for a vital and happy older adulthood!

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